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Hire a seasoned design professional from Kreative Playground who will help your marketing efforts go where your brand needs to grow

As A SEASONED design PROFESSIONAL, I know my MARKETING efforts go where your brand needs to grow.

You need to express your brand with clarity, guidance, and momentum, so it will lead to more opportunities and business growth.


Hello, my name is Monica, and I love to build brands! 

Now, my mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you, making your brand not just seen but felt, not just heard but understood.

Recently, I've been helping business owners build their brand identity, strategy, and design assets in multiple media using smart platforms and cost-effective solutions

Your success story could be my next big case study. But don't just take my word for it. Our clients rave about us in their testimonials.

During my free time, I enjoy long walks in nature with my husband, going on bike rides with friends, and staying informed about the future through podcasts on daily 10k walks.

If you're interested in learning more, work smarter, not harder, don't wait. Let's connect and discuss your brand goals.

Why would you want to work with me? I've spent 25 fun-filled years in the advertising biz, creating successful logos, websites, and print campaigns for a wide range of bands like Porsche, Viagra, Royal Le Page, Esso, and many more.

About Monica

I know entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, but it doesn't have to be when you work in a partnership built on trust, creativity, and strategic insight. 

As your strategic design partner, I don't just bring your vision to life. Together, we explore the core of your business, uncovering your unique value. This exploration is a journey we undertake together, ensuring that every design choice is a step towards a more authentic and compelling brand narrative.

  • Less worry: As an independent designer and business owner, I understand the pressure of wearing multiple hats. With a refined process and two decades of experience in the agency world, I can seamlessly handle all branding and design needs, giving business owners one less worry.

  • Clarity: With a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to understand brand identities, I help visualize what business owners feel but can't always express. Your brand story is safe in my hands. Having a clear vision and direction for the brand ensures that every decision aligns with its purpose.

  • Time-saving: Understanding the value of time for busy entrepreneurs, my services are designed to ensure fair turnarounds without compromising quality. You can focus on building your business while I handle the brand design intricacies.

  • True Partnership: I don't just provide a service; I build partnerships. As an experienced partner, I work alongside businesses, ensuring your brand vision is realized perfectly.

  • Clear Solutions: From brand conceptualization to design execution, I offer clear solutions that are easy to understand, learn, and where collaboration is key.

  • Effective Communication: Every business owner deserves a designer who listens and understands. I pride myself on being a good listener, ensuring your brand needs are met.

  • Autonomous Execution: I respect your time, take the initiative, and deliver a finished product that exceeds expectations without unnecessary delays or hindrances.

You will be able to focus more on your business,
with me as your strategic design quarterback, 
supporting you with all your brand's identity needs.

A partnership with purpose

Onboarding and Discovery is key at Kreative playground

and Discovery 

Getting to know your company, and being organized and process-driven is essential for a successful relationship. 

Ideation and Content Development at Kreative playground

Ideation and ConTENT Development

Brainstorming and developing new ideas will lead to producing fresh content that aligns with your goals.

template building and assets design at Kreative Playground

template building
and assets design

Saves time & ensures consistency across different projects and communication for internal needs.

 Social media and content calendar design at Kreative Playground

Social Media
Content and design

Connect with your audience to build your brand, engage, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Presentation Deck Design at Kreative Playground

PPT, Keynote, and google slide DESIGN

Make sure that every touchpoint, internally and externally facing, reflect your brand look, feel and values.

Strategy and Developmet at Kreative Playground.png


Creating and implementing plans and initiatives that align with your long-term goals and objectives.

Brand building and guideline desing at Kreative Playground

Brand Building
and guidelines

Creating and nurturing a strong, recognizable brand voice, visual identity, and engaging customer experience.

Responsive Website Design at Kreative Playground

Website Design

Planning, creating, building and maintaining the visual and interactive aspects of a website.

Email Marketing at Kreative Playground

e-mail marketing
and design

Using channels and platforms to communicate and promote your product or services.


"I partnered with Monica on my branding and website and highly recommend working with her! She has brought my vision for the site to life while also teaching me the skills I will need to maintain and change it over time. She has also designed other collateral for me, including LinkedIn banners, blog and newsletter templates, a branded presentation template and other marketing materials. Monica applies her significant expertise to your project but also is continuously learning to bring you the latest in her field."

Amanda Perkins
Founder of Kochab Advising

Facilitator, consultant, advisor, and team coach on a mission to make everybody fully powerful at work.


" Monica did a world-class job designing my website. She understood my vision and enacted it in a way that I couldn’t be happier—until a respected colleague of mine commented upon viewing it: “It seems minimalist, but what it says and conveys is powerful.” That compliment made my smile even bigger! On top of it all, Monica is a delight to work with: she is a rare combination of uber-talented, patient, and fun. I thank you and give you the highest of recommendations for others seeking website design work."


"Throughout our collaboration, I have witnessed Monica’s exceptional problem-solving skills and her dedication to delivering projects on time and within budget. She possesses a strong sense of professionalism and consistently strives for excellence. Monica is also an excellent communicator, always open to feedback and was willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend Monica for any web design project or position, as I am confident, she will make a significant impact."

Cindee Chadwick
Owner of Isidro's

Seattle Food Truck serving upscale Mexican food using only the freshest ingredients. 

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