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Hire a seasoned design professional from Kreative Playground who will help your marketing efforts go where your brand needs to grow

HIRE A SEASONED design PROFESSIONAL, so your MARKETING efforts go where your brand needs to grow

Express your brand with clarity, guidance, and momentum, leading to more opportunities and business growth.

Kreative Playgrounds owner Monica Bellini

Hello, my name is Monica, and I love to build brands! 

I've spent 25 fun-filled years in the advertising biz, creating successful campaigns, logos, websites, and print materials for a wide range of bands.

Recently, I've been helping business owners build their brand identity, strategy, and design assets in multiple media using smart platforms and cost-effective solutions.

Your success story could be my next big case study. But don't just take my word for it. Our clients rave about us in their testimonials.

During my free time, I enjoy long walks in nature with my husband and loyal canine, going on bike rides with friends, and staying informed about the future through podcasts on daily 10k walks.

If you're interested in learning more, work smarter, not harder, don't wait. Let's connect and discuss your brand goals.

About Monica

Categories of expertise

Click on the categories to learn more

 Fashion + accessories 

  • Noktillu Reflective 

  • Amaiii Mirrors

  • Noktillu


  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Takeda

  • Accorda

  •  Reckitt Benckiser

  • Seaford Pharmaceuticals

  • Wyeth 

  • Novartis & Genentech

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Procrit

  • Adams Respiratory

  • Noktillu


  • HandiHelp

  • HandiCup

  • Boundless Biomechanical Bracing

  • Noktillu

 Food & Beverage 

  • Isidros Food Truck

  • Movenpick

  • Lunch Garden

  • Seagram

  • Cote d’Or

  • Pizza Hut

  • Noktillu


  • Volkswagen 

  • Porsche

  • Ford

  • Audi

  • Noktillu


  • George Brown College

  • Present Better

  • Edusave

  • Knack for Writting

  • Coach Courtney

  • Noktillu


  • Noktillu Reflective

  • Isidros Food Truck

  • Noktillu


  • Access Ontario

  • Ontario Lottery Corporation

  • Noktillu


  • BiomedwoRX

  • Merck

  • Amgen

  • Novartis

  • Notable

  • Pfizer

  • Roche

  • Genentech

  • Abbott

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Astra Zeneca

  • Edwards Lifesciences

  • Noktillu


  • Royal Bank 

  • Axa Insurance

  • Numbers Plus 

  • State Farm

  • DataMynt Crypto

  • Valkure Cybersecurity

  • Noktillu


  • Profectus Management

  • Barbra Schlifer Clinic

  • CGSA
    Canadian Golf Superintendents Association

  • Noktillu


  • UPS

  • Esso Fleet

  • Cogeco Cable

  • Philips

  • The Tailored Kitchen

  • DN Decks and Fences

  • TB Real Estate 

  • The Tailored Kitchen

  • Diane Black Real Estate

  • Noktillu

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