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Furry Friends

Colette, owner of "The Schapendoes du Bouleau Blanc", is a dog breeder who shares her passion of the Dutch scheepdog. She started in the year 2000, has imported around 10 magnificent dogs' from Europe, and following to the standards of the Dutch Schapendoes Club of this breed, in health, temperament, type and conformation.

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Create a one of a kind website, reflecting the happy, friendly personality of this dog. Educate other dog breeders and potential owners, sharing the love and passion of this breed .

The Ask

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Rebranding assets, like the website, letterhead, business card, stickers, hoodie, postcard, and loot bag for a dog breeder. Showing her as a proffessional breeder who loves  her dogs and a consistent brand look and feel, created by Kreative Playground
  • Logo

  • Brand Look and Feel

  • Website in two languages

  • Business cards 

  • Stickers

  • Gift Bags

  • Postcards

  • Video content

  • Social Media #

  • Branded Gift Basket

  • Tradeshow Materials

We created a mix of brand elements and education tools:

The Result

Clients feedback

"Monica has changed how I do business. I have an amazing brand presence. Everything she created helps me on dog shows, and follow up with potential clients who can learn everything they need about this breed."

Colette Pfeiffer, Owner of Schapendoesduboullotblanc

Client review from Collete Pfeiffer on Kreative Playground design and rebrand work.
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