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What some of my clients and colleagues want to share with you in their own words.

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  • “It seems minimalist, but what it says and conveys is powerful.”
    I’m delighted to write this testimonial for Monica who did a world class job designing my website. She understood my vision and enacted it in a way that I couldn’t be happier—until a respected colleague of mine commented upon viewing it: “It seems minimalist, but what it says and conveys is powerful.” That compliment made my smile even bigger! On top of it all, Monica is a delight to work with: she is a rare combination of uber-talented, patient, and fun. I thank you and give you the highest of recommendations for others seeking website design work. Andy Churchill, phd, mba Owner of Present Better
  • "Tapping into her network transformed our business".​
    We have been working with Kreative Playground for 3 years. Monica has transformed Boundless Biomechanical Bracing in terms of our rebranding, marketing strategies, website, and the way we communicate. Monica, entrenched herself within our staff, clients to see and learn 1st hand what we do. This effort has gone a long way in bringing about the success we have had while on this journey.​ Her network of related professionals has brought us in touch with the best of writers, photographers/videographers, web based marketing strategists and now someone who is taking us through a bigger transformation around business strategies and development.​ We have been very fortunate to have Monica work with us and can only give the highest of recommendations. 😀 Dan Blocka Owner and President Boundless Biomechanical Bracing
  • "She made us shine in front of new clients."
    Having a dedicated associate creative director support our marketing and business development efforts full time when you are supporting the growth of a 650+ person company is a real bonus. Not only did Monica get amazing work done under short timelines, she never dropped the ball and always went above and beyond. She made us shine in front of new clients, took away a big pain point in helping us build amazing presentation decks and support materials, she even found the time helping us build an amazing repository of tools that helped us work smarter not harder. Her eye on creative, value add and positive attitude of getting good shit done is priceless. Alec Melkonian Thought Leader digital Health Klick Health
  • "She made our stale website come alive and resonates with viewers."
    Monica did great work for my company, Edusave. She took time to understand the company's mission, product, and value proposition, and made our stale website come alive and communicate a message that resonates with viewers. We couldn't be happier with the layout, images, and colors on our desktop and mobile sites. In addition, Monica created beautiful graphics for our blog posts that made the written words much easier to understand. I would recommend Monica to anyone who needs help with any part of their on-line creative! Michael Corr College Savings Expert
  • "Monica was able to respect our industries traditional sensibilities'"
    Monica helped us design a coherent web presence, as well as logo and stationary design. She was able to respect our industries traditional 'sensibilities' and to bring it together with a clean, crisp and fresh look. Monica was a delight to work even when we pushed back in certain areas and were somewhat inflexible in others. All in all, Monica was very responsive and adaptive, and in my view, most importantly she was able to keep challenging us in positive ways to think more broadly and with a fresher perspective. Mark Stebbing Owner, NumbersPlus
  • "Her eye for detail and creativity elevates her as one of the best in the business."
    Monica is an absolute professional and a wiz at what she does. I have worked with her extensively over the period of a year and some of my favourite (and most successful) projects were those I did with her. Her eye for detail, her creativity, and passion for what she does really elevates her as one of the best in the business. Leslie Koby Client, Johnson and Johnson, USA
  • "People are impressed that I have a complete styling guide and media package."
    Monica has helped take my branding from something that looked like a one-man show to a extremely polished professional and complete package. She worked closely with me one on one to come up with logos and colours that matched what my company stood for and ultimately what my core values for my brand were. Once the work was completed I couldn’t believe I waited so long to have this done. Once you reach a certain level it’s the only way to break through and really start scaling your company and your brand. It’s absolutely necessary to have continuity throughout social media, your website, and all promotional material. People need to be able to recognize your brand and immediately connect with it. This is where the work Monica and I did that was so valuable. I repeatedly get compliments on my logo and people are super impressed that I have a complete styling guide and media package to handover immediately when it’s asked for. Thank you Monica for your kindness and personal approach you took towards my company and me. Chris Stigas Founder HandiHelp
  • "She is a superb communicator, on the internal and/or external front."
    In my role as , we were in both an exciting and unending quest to land new clients and to build on the relationships/SOWs of our existing client base. Monica was in integral component of our process. She is the quintessential storyteller who fully utilizes her creative skills to build and/or differentiate a brand. Importantly, she is a committed partner in any ideation process and brings a high level of energy, of creative chops, and of design excellence in arriving at a solution. Monica is also a superb communicator, on the internal and/or external front. In my 40+ year career on the commercial and service-sides of healthcare, I’ve not worked with a more collaborative, strategic, and efficient creative partner. Partick K Chenot Chief Growth and Client Experience Officer SAKS Health
  • "A top notch creative that listens to their customers and turns ideas into reality."
    Votegrity worked with Monica on rebuilding our brand from the ground up - messaging, brand guide, site design and codification. I would recommend her without question to anyone and everyone looking or a top notch creative that really listens to their customers and then turns ideas into reality. Can't thank you enough, Monica! Tom Thomas Founder and CEO at votegrity
  • "From a sleepy stodgy looking website to a fresh and modern look."
    We worked with Kreative Playground on the refresh of our website. Monica helped us go from a sleepy somewhat stodgy looking website to one that portrays a fresh and modern look and feel that aligns with our brand image. She has a keen eye for design and creatively can spin a brand image into something that can help drive engagement that can result in conversion. She is great to work with and is full of ideas that are shaped by her years of experience and successes working with large and SME's. Gina Van Dalen Owner Profectus Association Management
  • "She sees creative possibilities in a brief that are invisible."
    A true creative -- she’s able to see creative possibilities in a brief that are invisible to the rest of us and she makes them come to life in a brilliant way. Katherine Chan Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Rapp Global
  • "Immeasurably creative, immensely mature, and too grounded to be true."
    Monica is immeasurably creative, immensely mature, and too grounded to be true. She knows her trade like she knows the back of her hand and it’s utterly fair to say that she’s one in a million. I worked with people from around the globe, literally from the four corners of the world but found no one like this fine lady; helpful, sharing, generous... and painfully honest.I’m lucky to having worked with her. Heba Hassan Associate Creative Director (Writer) Dubai
  • "She has has the ability to solve complex problems in a concise, fresh new way."
    A great example of someone with vision and passion. She is open-minded and as a creative director, has the ability to solve complex problems in a concise, fresh new way. She is an inspiration to the art of communications. I have had the pleasure of developing world-class work with Monica. Cindy Nakamura Senior Account Manager, ADDB
  • "She is a terrific collaborator and technical wizard."
    Monica built my business website and was a terrific collaborator and technical wizard. She helped me navigate through content and design options and always welcomed feedback. Her creative talent shines through in everything she does and her professionalism is to be admired. I’d work with Monica again in a heartbeat. Cathy Gray Owner, Idea Innovation
  • "Her unique strength is her strong creative and strategic thinking ability."
    Monica brings a high degree of expertise and professionalism to her role. Her unique strength is her strong creative and strategic thinking ability. She is extremely creative and not afraid to think independently and outside the box. She also understands the marketing objective and the need to have a compelling message that will secure a return on investment. She is a team player who is committed to producing exceptional work under tight timelines. Yamindra Perera Senior Strategist ADDB
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