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Andy is a teacher, master, TEDx Speaker, and presentation coach. He empowers researchers and students to present more effectively, guiding them from being anxious to becoming more confident presenters. In class, on stage, and in front of a big audience.

Present Better

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Andy was looking for a new and better online presence. He wanted to increase his visibility and create new opportunities to share his teaching methodology with a wider audience. He wanted to make his teaching program more accessible to all. Building longer-lasting relationships.

So we got started.

The Ask

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  • Brand Style Guide

  • Visual Identity

  • Road Map

  • LinkedIn Profile Update

  • Responsive Website 

  • Email Campaign

  • Newsletters

  • Blog content

  • Online Teaching Platform

60% open rate
85% unique visitors

128% site sessions

An entirely new brand was build across multiple media but mainly digital.

The Result
client feedback

"Monica did a world-class job designing my website. She understood my vision and enacted it in a way that I couldn’t be happier—until a respected colleague of mine commented upon viewing it: “It seems minimalist, but what it says and conveys is powerful.” That compliment made my smile even bigger!

On top of it all, Monica is a delight to work with: she is a rare combination of uber-talented, patient, and fun. I thank you and give you the highest of recommendations for others seeking website design work."

Andy Churchill, PhD, Owner of Present Better

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