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Amanda is a blend of creative thinker and strategic facilitator dedicated to transforming workplace environments from the top down. Amanda fosters a culture of empowerment, innovation, and shared success. Her methodology is deeply intentional, leveraging researched strategies to build capacity for outstanding organizational achievements.

Kochab Advising

Amanda Perkins

Amanda asked me to create a new website that reflected the impact of her consultancy while capturing her unique creative flair. She wanted a platform that demonstrated her comprehensive approach to leadership and team development and reflected her identity as both a creative force and a catalyst for meaningful change in the corporate world.


It had to be different, unique, colorful, and insightful.

The Ask

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  • ​​Road Map

  • Responsive Website 

  • Email Campaign

  • Newsletters

  • Blog content

  • LinkedIn Profile Update

  • Presentation Templates

A new colourful website with additional digital assets.

The Result
client feedback

"I partnered with Monica on my branding and website and highly recommend working with her! She has brought my vision for the site to life while also teaching me the skills I will need to maintain and change it over time.

She has also designed other collateral for me, including LinkedIn banners, blog and newsletter templates, a branded presentation template and other marketing materials. Monica applies her significant expertise to your project but also is continuously learning to bring you the latest in her field."

Amanda Perkins, Owner of Kochab Advising

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