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You only better

Coach Courtney is the founder of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Coaching. 
The PMA way is all about supporting personal growth with a simplified approach for people who want Solutions to stress or to live an alcohol-free life. 

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As a PMA coach, Courtney felt she had outgrown her brand. After years of additional training, certifications, and client experience, she was ready to upgrade the look and feel of her brand. She sought a new, fresh, and bolder identity. Courtney aimed for a fully integrated experience, sharing her story through digital media, print, and events, with both new and existing clients.

The Ask

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  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Logo Upgrade

  • Rebranding and Responsive Website

  • Business Cards

  • 2024 FREE Calendar LAF + SOS

  • Email Campaign + Banners

  • Linkedin Profile Review & Update

  • Social Media Calendar & Design

  • Youtube Channel Update

  • Canva PPT templating 

  • 3 Brochures + Flyers

  • Self Evaluation Tool

  • Brand Asset Library

  • Stickers

  • Email + Blog Campaigns

A fully integrated and emerged brand experience for Coach Courtney's clients:

The Result

Clients feedback

♥️♥️♥️ I am so freakin grateful for you! I'm loving all of our work and my brand feels so me. I'll get to serve more clients because of your expertise, time saving skills and mastery of so much! Thank you! Coach Courtney 2.0 is here ✨

Coach Courtney

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