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strategic Design support
that fits your needs as 
a growing Entrepreneur

Every business needs a strong quarterback.
Let me be your design partner giving you unbeatable support, ensuring your voice is heard, and your brand stands out.


I build bold brands
leading to meaningful relationships

As a Creative Director, I have worked with big and small business owners. I guided teams in global agencies on brands like Botox, Porsche, and Viagra, to one-on-one clients in healthcare, cyber security, real estate, and much more.


I'm here today to share my deep design and strategic knowledge, empowering you to craft your unique brand's identity with confidence and skill.

My support will give you back valuable time to focus on other parts of your business, knowing all your branding and marketing needs are strategically sound, visually stunning, and deeply personal to your business. 

How? With two tested and proven ways that work for entrepreneurs like you.


Do it yourself.

For the digital-savvy entrepreneur who wants to learn how to improve their skills and design better marketing material more efficiently.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

5 day
super class

Feel confident and learn to design with a purpose.

  • Platform options: Understand timesaving and new intelligent technologies that set you up for success.

  • Brand Kit Setup: Create the foundation of your brand's visual identity with guidelines and elements.

  • Template Search & Design: Learn how to find and utilize templates that resonate with your brand, making design tasks quicker and more cohesive.

  • Social Media Setup + Resize: Adapt your brand visuals across various social media platforms for a consistent online presence.

  • Print Assets: Extend your brand's reach with tangible assets, understanding the essentials of print design.

  • Canva AI Integration: Explore the power of Canva AI to streamline your design process, from ideation to execution.

  • Step-by-Step Demos: Follow along with practical demonstrations and a comprehensive pdf to apply what you learn directly to your brand.

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions: Your burning questions are answered.


Paiment uppon application in CAD

*plus HST


Don't do it yourself.

For the busy entrepreneur who loves support of a strong design quarterback on their team gaining back valuable time.

view of two persons hands_edited_edited.

90 day
Brand Evolution

Know that all you need is taken care of for you.

  • Audit + Strategic Roadmap: We evaluate your material and craft a plan to optimize it, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

  • Brand Foundation & Brand Kit Setup: Build a comprehensive brand kit to define your visual identity, enhancing recognition and consistency.

  • Template Search & Social Media Asset Library: Create a social media asset library and calendar to maintain a cohesive visual online presence.

  • Print Assets Setup + Resize: Design print materials, to ensure a unified and professional appearance.

  • Platform integration Options: Explore advanced tools and technologies like Canva, Wix, or AI to streamline your process and discover options that offer time-saving benefits and intelligent solutions.

  • Step-by-Step Support: Interactive demonstrations to enhance, manage, and evolve your brand's visual identity.

  • Weekly Status Calls & Q&A Sessions: Touchpoints to discuss and answer your questions, ensuring personalized guidance and support.


3 instalments of $ 1300 CAD per month
*plus HST 


Discover how I've partnered with these entrepreneurs
creating winning brands in competitive markets,
utilizing user-friendly and cost-effective platforms.

Tanya Bugbee

"Monica has a gift! She understands my brand and designs my marketing with such creativity and care! She has blended my social sites and website to match my brand and be consistent across the board. I love working with Monica and will continue to do so!"

Tanya Bugbee
Tanya Bugbee Coaching & Consulting

Coaches, Brokers, Team Leaders,
Lenders and business owners.


Monica shines as a true partner, having completely elevated all parts of my life coaching business. Building a business that not only excels in its branding but also drives meaningful change while staying aligned with my life's philosophy of PMA (positive mental attitude) is no small feat. It requires relentless dedication and thoughtfulness in every decision. What I’m thinking or have drafted Monica makes so much better! It’s like Magic! That’s why I’ve affectionately started calling her Magic Monica “MM” for short.

Courtney Peters
Founder of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Coaching

Life Coach for people Sorting out Stuff and Living Alcohol-Free

My commitment to your success is
guiding you every step of the way and can start today.

Image by Sergey Zolkin


My 5-day superclass

By partnering with me, you're not just investing in services; you're embarking on a transformative journey.


You will walk away with an understanding of digital marketing tools, strategies, and tangible assets that amplify your brand's voice.


Together, let's unlock your brand's full potential in the digital realm.

view of two persons hands_edited.jpg
view of two persons hands_edited.jpg


My 90 day brand evolution

You're not just getting services; you're gaining a strategic ally who will navigate the complexities of digital marketing for you.


Let's transform the way your brand is perceived, ensuring your voice not only resonates but dominates in the digital arena.


Together, we make every moment count as we unlock the full potential of your brand.

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